SkyRest Inflatable Travel Pillow, Portable head neck rest pillow, Patented Design for Plane, Car, Bus, Train and More.

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Skyrest Travel Pillow

Skyrest Inflatable Travel Pillow

The Solution to All Your Travel Needs!

Unlike any other pillow you have ever seen…

We’ve all been there… sitting in an uncomfortable seat on a flight, trying to get a few minutes of sleep before landing, but ultimately arriving to your destination with neck stiffness and back pain. Skyrest delivers the comfortable solution to all your travel needs!

This inflatable pillow is easy to pack and carry onto any flight, car, or train, weight no more than 20 ounces even after inflation. And, the one-way valve allows for quick and easy inflation and deflation.

. The patented design utilizes the natural tendency for our heads to tilt forward. Instead of being woken up because your head fell forward in your sleep, you can sleep comfortably by resting on the pillow’s soft top.

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