Tattle Tale Sonic Pet Training Vibration Alarm

Tattle Tale Sonic Pet Training Vibration Alarm


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Tattle Tale Sonic Pet Training Alarm This cat repellent is a pet training device that helps to keep cats off furniture and counters. Or use as a dog repellent to keep dogs out of rooms or off sofas. Know when kids are climbing to get into the cookie jar. The Tattle Tale is a pet product using structural vibration technology for pet training. This motion alarm uses a sensor that detects vibration in a surface or object without apparent motion. Animal paws or claws activate Tattle Tale when objects are touched or jumped upon. Tattle Tale sounds a startling 2 second tone to alert the owner and to startle the pet to get off fast. Dog training is easier with Tattle Tale. How "Tattle Tale" Pet Trainer works: Install the 9V battery. Select either the Tattle Tale's LO or HI vibration sensitivity. Place or hang the Tattle Tale on the object to be protected i.e. place on counter tops sofas etc. or hang on doors windows or cabinets. When this pet training alarm detects movement vibrations a loud tone sounds to startle the pet or the human. Tattle Tale "tattles" to the owner about the pet's actions while warning the pet to stay away or off. Most animals learn quickly to avoid the area or areas. Humane Effective Pet Training. Keeps Pets Off: Tables and Countertops Sofas Beds Plant Stands Garbage Car Hoods Or Being Some Place You Don't Want Them to Be. Reduces or Prevents Scratching Clawing & Climbing. Improve Dog Behavior with Tattle Tale Dog Training Device. Many Other Uses: Camping Travel Office Tattle Tale as Intruder Alarm: Hang the unit on a door. When the door is opened the alarm sounds. Safety & Security: Place or Hang the TATTLE TALE to Detect Tampering of: Doors Drawers Windows Gates Cabinets Any "Off Limits" Area Helpful Hints: If the Tattle Tale alarm is too sensitive set to LO or place Tattle Tale on soft cloth to reduce vibrations. Place Tattle Tale Pet Alarm on furniture to protect from pets. Works in any position

Keeps Pets off:
Counter Tops
Plant Stands
Garbage Cans
Car Hoods
Many uses:


Place or Hang the TATTLE TALE to Detect Tampering of:
Any "Off Limits" Area

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