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    SVM Products LLC

    Skyrest.com is dedicated to products designed to help the traveler or anyone who finds themselves constantly on the go. These products currently include SkyRestâ, the world's first travel pillow designed for use in any seat and especially typical coach class airline seats, and leguPtm, a small, inflatable bolster pillow for your legs or any part of your body that needs support.

    SkyRestâ's patented design allows the traveler to rest comfortably in any airline, train, car or airport seat. Lay you head down on SkyRestâ and enjoy a nap, free from the worry that you will be startled awake when your head falls one way or another.

    Click Here to see SkyRestâ in "action"

    DAC Innovations Inc.
    PO Box 9947
    San Jose, CA 95157
    Phone: 1-800-572-1380

    Email: info@skyrest.com

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    Now that you have your SkyRestâ, you will need some great luggage to carry it in. We recommend the great selection from Britto luggage.